Ben Ross


Brandon Ross


The Story

Hailing from the dark forests and rocky hills of New Hampshire, Hobo Wizard consists of brothers Ben and Brandon Ross and started in the beginning of 2021 in a cold garage in Dover, NH. With whatever equipment could be scrounged together Ben and original drummer Mikey Sheehan started jamming and laying the groundwork. Shortly after the first show in July 2021 Mikey stepped down to focus on some other life things going on and Brandon was convinced to fill in on drums for a small festival in northern NH. After that first show together the brothers of doom took things into their own hands in classic DIY fashion and began setting up shows and got their own PA system to run shows for other up and coming bands too. With the attitude of, “We are going to just make the music we want and if someone likes it good for them, but we’re going to play just as hard and just as loud whether other people are there or not.”, they have forged a path into the metal and punk scene combining influences from doom, sludge and skate punk into something their fans have dubbed “Bum Doom”.
In August 2022 the self recorded demo “We’re Trying” came out and made its noisy debut giving folks a peek into what is to come. With recording for a 7in vinyl just completed Hobo Wizard is gathering steam to hit the road for many shows around New England and beyond.

Hobo Wizard